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Our Brand Story

“We are not here to sell you beauty, we’re here to help you know what it takes to look and feel good!”


We believe beauty starts with loving yourself and your skin.

Through that journey of learning to love yourself, your skin will become one of the most outward expressions of yourself, your confidence and be an inspiration to many around you.

When we started Allureskins Potions, we were Inspired to help many around us so we used the wisdom in the beauty industry across Asia and Europe and went on a hunt to use technology to combine asian secret beauty formulas together with new age ingredients to create an extensive collection of luxurious products just for your skin.

From advance light therapy to luscious ingredients and specially curated formulas, we’ve stopped at nothing to bring you the best in the world of skincare. One that is safe, effective and unique so you can truly feel what it means to love yourself and make your skin feel invigorated, rejuvenated and alive.

Feel the sensation of nanometer gold on your skin or bubbles cleansing your pores or even our photon light therapy calming your skin and you will immediately feel a difference.

You should pamper yourself and you should feel empowered and thats exactly why we believe in the power of sharing all the benefits of precise and effective skincare to help you know what you are putting onto your skin come out glowing.

So, as we always say, nothing says it better than to ‘feel it’ for yourself.

Come experience it together with us today!

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